Freeze Dried Ice Cream Sandwich Cookies n Cream


Premium thick creamy Ice Cream sandwiched between two delicious biscuits. These Freeze Dried ice cream sandwiches are off.. the… hook!
Its ready-to-eat, crispy, light, and extremely tasty Available in flavors of Vanilla , Cookies & Cream.

The most popular Ice Cream sandwich in the US is the FatBoy, a classic brand starting back since 1925.

Can be loaded in your pocket for a snack, loaded in your kids lunch bag, or taken with you anywhere you like…. that’s because they won’t melt in your hands or in your pocket!

Freeze Dried Ice cream is the perfect sweet snack to take anywhere you want to go, it won’t melt, NO they don’t need refrigeration. It’s are ready to eat. You can take them camping, hiking, backpacking, or even save them in your emergency stash for later.!! Yeah right..!!

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