MrBeast Feastables Original Chocolate


MrBeast one of the worlds BIGGEST YouTuber’s has created a new healthier chocolate than the ones we already know. His brand is called MrBeast Feastables Chocolate.

Feastables Chocolate Australia

MrBeast Feastables Chocolate is on a mission to change the way you snack.

The delicious snacks with ingredients you can trust. Founded by Mr Beast (aka Jimmy Donaldson), Feastables Chocolate will not only level up your day, but it will leave you wondering how you can get your hands on more.

Feastables Chocolate

Blended to make a smooth, creamy and delicious chocolate candy, MrBeast Feastables Chocolate bars will melt in your mouth with every bite.


Milk Chocolate
Milk Chocolate Crunch
Original Chocolate
Quinoa Crunch
Almond Chocolate
Sea Salt
Deez Nutz NEW Flavour Just Released

60g Net

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